Meet The CEO

Hey I'm Kesha

I am a lover of Christ, Mom, Wife, Women’s Empowerment Life Coach, Personal Shopper/ Stylist, Author & Speaker among others. Being that I have experienced life altering occurrences first hand- domestic violence, being a single mom & homelessness, I am committed to improving the lives of other women.  My goal is to ignite the unique power within that enables women to excel beyond scarcity, limiting beliefs & procrastination. Promoting excellence, empowerment & a renewed perspective. I am also the Founder and CEO of Boundless Breakthrough International a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, that serves men, women & children worldwide. I am a motivational enthusiast who has fervent passion for serving others.

As I began to 'come into my own' fashion became a pathway for me to express myself. I literally feel 100% myself when I get dressed. I express myself without words with garments. I also was able to determine that there are many other sisters who do the same. Then it hit me! This is the perfect pathway to aiding my sisters to a better life- their portion! All that God has for them. Rather it be joy, new opportunities, self- discipline, direction or simply a listening ear. With that realization, Bomb Plus Vintage was born.

I started Bomb at the end of 2019. I did nothing with the business. I was severely distracted and it just wasn't my time. Shortly after, Covid hit, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer & my life was in the 'spin cycle' (laundry). But God! There were some things I needed to rid myself of- Idols to keep it 💯. This had to happen in order for me to see Jesus and all he was doing & was going to do in my life through, ministry and fashion. With Bomb, they are married. Fashion and Ministry come together. The goal is not just too look good on the outside. But, be WHOLE, just, healing and pursing righteousness on the inside. 

Bomb Plus Vintage is a God given dream. One of the best dreams I have had to date. I am thankful I am able to experience this with my eyes wide open with YOU!


Kesha <3